Nigel is a singer and songwriter from Meath. Music is in his DNA, his parents had a band and he started performing when he was 15.

He has achieved much in his musical career to now. Once drummer for Daniel O’Donnell, he played the lead role in “Irish the musical”, released his album “Nothing Left to Say” and in 2016 had a big impact when he reached the final of The Voice of Ireland.

Nigel is one of those musical talents that flies somewhat under the radar as a solo artist, yet he can get on stage and sings classical with an orchestra; rock the house down with a band and is a natural with country numbers. His vocal talents shine, when you hear him sing his own creations in an acoustic session and tell the story behind the lyrics, his voice is powerful.

He has held himself back until now because as a solo artist, he did not fit neatly into any one musical genre. Now I believe Nigel is saying “what the hell” and is going for it as that solo artist, one who will potentially confuse the critics and delight his fans.

Nigel is carving out his own route with his attitude and approach to the industry being similar to that of his idol Foy Vance. In terms of the big voice, he is like Ireland’s successor to Joe Dolan. His versions of Phil Collins numbers have to be experienced to be appreciated.

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